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We are a full-service pharmacy located in the Brampton area. We offer many value added services and are prepared to refill, transfer or deliver your prescriptions.

Our Promise to You

Our team will always put your health first. We aim to provide the highest level of service as we truly care for each one of our patients. At Greencross Pharmacy, you will be treated as a member of our family.

Our Services

At Greencross Pharmacy, we pride in being your local pharmacy who provides you with the care, expertise and personalized services that you deserve.


Rx Refill

Whether it is your first or hundredth time, we will always have your prescription filled out quickly.


Rx Transfer

Transferring your prescription to us is fast & simple. We accept your prescription transfers from other pharmacies with no hassle.


Rx Delivery

We want to make sure that you have access to your medications at the times when you can’t make it to the pharmacy. That is why we are ready to deliver medications to your front door.


Consultation & Medication Review

We review the appropriateness of your current medications & help you manage your chronic conditions with your medications and other non pharmacological measures.


Compression Stockings

We measure and sell a wide variety of compression stocking that are usually covered by your insurance plans.


Blood Sugar & Pressure Monitoring Devices

We will train you and provide you with the latest advances in blood sugar and blood pressure home monitoring devices.


Meal Replacements

Looking for healthy weight loss and options to prevent food cravings while keeping you full and satisfied for hours? We can provide you with the right options.



Our specially trained pharmacists prepare compounded medications allowing us to meet our patients’ unique needs.


Seniors Copay Discount

Save seniors as much as we can in out-of-pocket drug costs is our call. We are enrolled and support the Ontario Seniors Co-Payment Program.

Why Patients Choose Us

We provide the highest standard of medical service and satisfaction to our patients through personalized services and ultimate care.

World Class Systems

We utilize the world's best technologies to manage prescriptions and records easing your experience.

Premium Facility

Our facility is in a premium location and equipped with the best required equipment.

Wide Range of Services

We specializes in a wide range of pharmaceutical services to get our patients feeling healthy.

Professional Staff

Our staff are very well trained and ready to provide you with the highest service possible.

Meet our Pharmacists

Our Pharmacy staff possess a vast experience and are prepared to serve you and your families. Whether you require a refill or would like to transfer your prescription, just visit us and our professional staff would be happy to help you.

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Contact Info & Hours

We encourage you to make an appointment with one our knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate pharmacists to go through all your prescription and non prescription medications, conditions, and lifestyle.

Monday – Friday 9:30AM –7PM
Saturday 9:30AM–3:30PM

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Please give us a call, email us or fill out the form below, we will be happy to assist you as quickly as possible.